The Road to a CDL

This post is intended to be an informative overview of the “Certified Deltasig Leader” certification.

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What is a Certified Deltasig Leader certification?
A CDL recognizes an individual for his or her demonstrated leadership training and experience and commitment to Delta Sigma Pi.

Who can become a CDL?
Any Deltasig alumni who fulfill the requirements and complete the online application can become a CDL.

How long does a CDL last for?
Certifications expire at the end of odd numbered years. So earning the designation early in an even numbered year (like right now) ensures you the longest amount of time as a CDL before needing to renew.

Is a CDL required to become an important big wig in the fraternity?
No. Certification is suggested (and certainly helpful), but not required to hold any leadership role, elected or appointed.

Why become a CDL?
CDL designees are instantly recognizable for their commitment to the fraternity, knowledge of the fraternity, and leadership capability. Recognition includes being named as a CDL in the Deltasig Magazine, named at a Provincial event or GCC, and given a “Certified Leader” ribbon for your name badge at GCC. Maintaining a CDL improves your marketability and readiness for fraternity leadership roles. CDL designees benefit alumni chapters by making them eligible for the Silver and Gold recognitions under the new Alumni Chapter Recognition Program.
Criteria for Silver Recognition: At least two of the required chapter officers must become a Tier 1 Certified Deltasig Leader.
Criteria for Gold Recognition: All four of the required chapter officers must become Tier 1 Certified Deltasig Leaders and at least two of the required chapter officers must become a Tier 2 Certified Deltasig Leader.

What are the requirements for earning the Tier 1 Certified Deltasig Leader certification?
Fraternity event participation: attend or administer sessions at two different fraternity events in the past five years (examples include fall and spring LEADs and GCC).
Webinar sessions: watch and answer quiz questions on 11 different prerecorded webinars (about 10 minutes each).
Support the Leadership Foundation: donate to the Leadership Foundation within the past year.

What are the requirements for earning the Tier 2 Certified Deltasig Leader certification?
First complete the Tier 1 certification.
Serve the fraternity for at least one year (examples include Grand Officer; Provincial Vice President; Regional Vice President; District Director; Chapter Advisor; Receiver; Alumni Chapter Officer; Regional, Provincial or National Committee or Task Force (Chair or Member); or other similar roles approved by a Provincial Vice President or the Grand President).
Webinar sessions: watch and answer quiz questions on 4 different prerecorded webinars.

Where is more information available?
Find more information online
Read more on page 36 of the Awards & Recognition Guide
Start today at the Deltasig E-Learning page


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