April Exictement

Don’t forget to register by 4/11 for the April 26 Alpha Iota 90th Anniversary Celebration. It will be on the Drake campus and start at 11 am.

There are already 15 alumni registered from multiple states. Join these out of towners as well as the Drake chapter for this unique event. RVP Jillian said it best with the 5 reasons to attend: (1.) 90 Years Deserves a Celebration! Most chapters aren’t chartered for 90 straight years. Most of them go on probation or are forced to close due to lack of membership. Not Alpha Iota – this is something to celebrate! (2.) Edna Eppler – ‘Nuff Said. Many of us have won the infamous Edna Eppler award for various reasons. Let’s get together and talk about the good old times and what we did to EARN the Edna Eppler award. (3.) Meet the North Central Provincial Collegian of the Year! Yep, that’s right, the 2014 North Central Provincial COY, Tom, is from the chapter. And he’s a cool guy too. (4.) Have you dreamed of a better alumni picnic? Forget about picnics. This event will have Jethro’s catered buffet-style and plenty of options to choose from. You can even make your own version of the Adam Emmenecker sandwich. (5.) Bond with your brothers! Catch up with friends you haven’t seen in years or friends you haven’t even met yet!

Happy Hour
Attend the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter’s monthly happy hour. It’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month. April 15, come to Orlondo’s Bar and Grill between 5:30 and 7:00 to hang out with some of the most Deltasig-like people in all of Des Moines. It’s guaranteed that this event will not be taxing on your schedule, but a nice reprieve from the normalcy of your Tuesday evening. All will be as usual at Orlondo’s… then income the Deltasigs and the social begins. Look for the DSP t-shirts and use your powers of deduction to find our group’s table. To our credit, the monthly happy hours are some of our best-attended events. Haven’t been to one of our events before? Come check us out. After hanging out with us once, you are certain to return for more. Because our events are ver refun(d)!

The National Alumni Development Committee Chair Kara Lenox will present “Creating the Best Alumni Chapter” webinar. This opportunity (June 17 at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific) will present tips and tricks to having a great alumni chapter, some best practices already in place and review some ways to become a Gold level chapter through the new Alumni Chapter Recognition Program. However, this event is in conflict with our annual meeting, so it may be difficult to attend this webinar.

Other events
Contact president Laura and see the 4/3 blog post for more info on the 4/11 Iowa City event and 5/3 Whiff-it event.


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