Franchised Through 2015

The Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi has received word from the Central Office that we are officially franchised for the 2014/2015 year!

The annual business meeting was held June 17. Several alumni brothers were in attendance and took care of the majority of the chapter’s business needs. Elections were conducted. 2013/2014 president, Laura, was re-elected to serve as interim chapter president, until a new president can be elected. This means that if you are interested in becoming more involved with the leadership of the chapter, please inquire about taking over the presidency role. David was elected VP of Chapter Operations. Tom was elected the VP of Collegiate Relations, replacing outgoing VPCR Jillian (who currently serves as the RVP). Phil was re-elected VP finance.

There was some good socialization and good food as well at the annual meeting. The event was at Raccoon River Brewing Company, so everything was tasty. Big discussion items were soccer, summer plans, moving, and new jobs. Several brothers also talked about getting ready to attend the TCAC pig roast 6/28. There was plenty of brainstorming about the direction of the alumni chapter and what events should be planned for the next year. Many good ideas were offered such as: hockey games, happy hours, Des Moines Menace (soccer) games, I-Cubs (baseball) games, and even meditation and horse racing. Look for more info on this weblog as events are planned. Also contact the new officers and let them know what you want to see accomplished this year.

The annual report for the 2013/2014 year that was distributed at the annual meeting is now uploaded to this weblog under the “Docs” tab.

Check out the calendar page to see the latest info for the next chapter evet: the July Happy Hour Tuesday 7/15.

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Besides the annual meeting 6/17, there was also a webinar: “Creating the Best Alumni Chapter” This 45 minute event was recorded and can be viewed here. There was lots of information provided about the Alumni Chapter Recognition Program. It also noted some interesting best practices that other alumni chapters due for membership, events, etc.


Annual Meeting Notice

The annual meeting of the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter is quickly approaching.

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Be sure to attend the annual meeting Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at Raccoon River Brewing Company. Fun starts at 5:30 with the official meeting coming to order at 6 pm. This is the best opportunity to hear from the officers what has been accomplished over the year and what is currently in the works. This is also the time to run for elected office! Rumor is that there will be multiple open seats up for grabs. Get your stump speeches ready! We will also be collecting dues as our annual franchise fee and insurance fee are due 6/30. For more information about the policies and procedures of the annual meeting, check out the policies and procedures under the “Docs” tab.

There will be plenty of discussion and brainstorming of activities and events to hold in the 2014-2015 year, so you’ll want to be sure to get your voice heard. Besides the business and social taking place, you’ll also want to attend for the free appetizer and door prize. Look for the event on Facebook and plan to attend. This meeting marks a great time to get involved if you haven’t previously been active with the chapter.

Check out the Calendar page for info on the July happy hour at Bar Louie 7/15 and other events coming up.

Also check out the new and improved Links page. Links are now better organized and there are several new Des Moines links including the new NetworkingDSM website that was just started in May.