Good Fun at GoodSons HH, save $100 on GCC reg. in Feb.

The Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi held its February happy hour on Tuesday at GoodSons in the Beaverdale neighborhood. Several alums in attendance had never been there before, and thought it was a good place to go. Others thought it was a good place as well. One person non-affiliated with Deltasig was celebrating a birthday and the YNPN Des Moines group was hosting a social.

2015-02 HH group photo

At the happy hour brothers caught up on how the year has been going so far, the latest gossip from “The Bachelor”, and talked about future plans for the alumni chapter. Besides Halsey and GCC, ideas for other events, meeting locations / happy hour locations were discussed. And the discussion occurred casually over beer and food from the impressive menu. One of the bar patrons at GoodSons for the birthday party was the father of a member of the alumni chapter. So we got to hear about how this brother was a perfect child… until 8th grade when this individual started giving the teachers attitude and was poised to go down the “wrong track”. But then by 9th grade, this person got back on the right track and has been excelling ever since!

2015-02 HH brothers

Of course GoodSons is known for having tables made from chalkboards, so after chalk was brought to the table, the brothers in attendance enjoyed doodling.

2015-02 HH - schools

2015-02 HH flower

2015-02 HH lion

Doodling… and writing…

2015-02 HH - purpose

Alumni are invited to take this survey regarding Alumni Programming at LEAD. (not necassary that you attended a LEAD to take the survey).

GCC is coming up in August of 2015. Because Schaumburg, IL is so close to Des Moines, this GCC could be a good one for Central Iowa Alumni to attend.
Registration is going up in March, so save $100 by registering in February.

Des Moines
Des Moines had many things to celebrate in 2014. There is a cool video to be found here along with other info from the Greater Des Moines Partnership about what’s been achieved by our city.

And here is a link to the Jan/Feb edition of DSM Magazine.


Legislative Proposals Pass at North Central LEAD

The Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was represented by 1 of 51 delegates to the North Central Provincial Council Meeting on February 7, 2015. The spring LEAD was close to central Iowa, held at the Marriott in Coralville near Iowa City. There were about 300 collegiate and alumni brothers in attendance.

Delegates prepare for the Provincial Council Meeting

Delegates prepare for the Provincial Council Meeting

Before the afternoon Council Meeting, one of the morning breakout session was the Alumni Forum. Both young and “seasoned” alumni shared their experiences with alumni chapters and best practices for successful alumni chapter operations and chapter events.

The Council Meeting started with the regular reports and the passage of the Province Budget.

PVP speaks at Provincial Council Meeting

PVP speaks at Provincial Council Meeting

The first main discussion item was a proposed Bylaw Amendment to change the current Alumni Development Committee to the Alumni Chapter Committee so it can focus on growing existing alumni chapters, creating new alumni chapters, and supporting existing alumni chapters. The DSM-CIA delegate voted in favor of this proposal and it ultimately passed and is headed for the Grand Chapter Congress.

The second item was a proposed Bylaw Amendment to change how chapters are designated after installation using the Greek Alphabet. This amendment came from the Board of Directors. It passed the Council (with a vote from the DSM-CIA delegate) and will be voted on at Grand Chapter Congress.

The last item was a proposed Ritual Change. There was much debate on this, but all of it stayed civil and respectful. The Board of Directors recommend this be passed so that the issue could advance to GCC. Even the PVP shared her personal feeling that this be passed so the issue can be discussed on the national level. The DSM-CIA delegate voted for this proposed Ritual Change. And the proposed change also passed the Provincial Council.

2015-02 LEAD alumni

Networking and connecting with old friends is a large part of LEADs for alumni and current and former members of the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter did just that.

The banquet was an enjoyable part of the evening and featured a flash mob dancing to the popular Mark Ronson hit “Uptown Funk” feat. Bruno Mars. The COY awards were announced at the Banquet for each chapter, each region, and for the Province. Then the banquet went wild when it was announced that the North Central Provincial COY was also the National COY winner!

Flash Mob surprised brothers at the banquet

Flash Mob surprised brothers at the banquet

Everybody enjoys getting together at LEAD.

2015-02 LEAD banquet

In other news, get ready for the new DSP website. It will be at After the Board of Directors decided at the January 18, 2014 Board Meeting to change the website to, they must have had a change of heart and decided on the shorter web address.

Register for Grand Chapter Congress before March 1 to save $100 on Registration. This month registration is only $280 compared to $380 that will be charged later. Schaumburg, IL (Chicago) is not that far from Central Iowa, so this is an excellent opportunity for alumni brothers to attend.