“The Deltasig” publishes in 2016

“The Deltasig” is the journal of Delta Sigma Pi. The magazine publishes 3 issues per year in March, July, and November.
You can check out the March 2016 PDF version here.

Check out page 7 for a pic of the 2015 Great Plains Regional Conference
2016-03 mag pic

Also in this issue is some interesting history on the Delta Sigma Pi badge, stories about Tim Augustine, Julie Stackhouse (Drake grad and 2016 Deltasig Career Achievement Award winner), and PGP Bill Kinsella, among other features.

Earlier in the month of March was a great Happy Hour hosted by the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. The attendance was above average and there were several new faces. Several of the more recent grads of Iowa State, now living in the Des Moines metro came by to check out the chapter. And they were impressed with how we kicked back after a Thursday of working at the happy hour at the West Des Moines Chicken Coop. $.50 wing specials didn’t hurt much either!

Don’t forget to check out the calendar page for updates on upcoming events and Des Moines continues to be awesome, as noted below.

2016-03 dsm rankings


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