Sushi, DSMUSA, Drake’s impact on central Iowa

The Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi held its monthly happy Hour Wednesday May 17 at Sakari on Ingersoll.

Attendance was slightly higher than average with 9 alumni brothers from around central Iowa attending the social event. There was much discussion about what is the best sushi, how to order sushi, how to eat sushi, and ‘what is dynamite shrimp?’ The answer may still be unknown but it is really good! It was a fun time with discussion of summer travel plans, recent injuries, future alumni chapter event ideas, and company re-branding.

3 alumni chapter members, who all happen to be women, and their names each start with the letter “J” have birthdays within a week of each other. So we were lucky enough to have some great cake at the happy hour. An excellent time was had by all in attendance.

Stay tuned for info on the June annual meeting.

Drake University made news last week, releasing information on the school’s economic impact on central Iowa. Many of the stats were impressive including:
Drake’s status as a “brain gain” institution—a net importer of students and skilled employees—boosts the regional economy by more than $2 billion.
Drake supports 3,369 jobs and $187.5 million in workers’ earnings annually through its day-to-day operations, construction projects, and spending by students and visitors.
The University’s broad range of academic, recruitment, and athletic programming attracts thousands of out-of-town visitors who spend $14.9 million and directly or indirectly contribute to $26.7 million in economic output for the region.

Replacing the website and the CarpeDM slogan, The Greater Des Moines Partnership is pleased to share a new regional identifier: DSM USA. DSM USA is a bold statement to the world: This is a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community with affordable and accessible amenities for residents and businesses. This regional identifier is the result of significant quantitative and qualitative research, and its launch coincides with the launch a new website to market the Greater Des Moines (DSM):


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