Omaha LEAD was a dream

approximately 8 or so members of the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi attended the Fall LEAD School in Omaha, Nebraska October 27-28.
Many started their weekend at the Thunderhead Brewing Taproom (opened with help of a small investment by a Deltasig brother). Around 20 or so various alumni sampled brews and brought in food for dinner. Later that night a magic show was enjoyed back at the hotel.

Saturday sessions were good and included presentations by several Des Moines alumni members. The keynote was “1 million dreams”. Lunch was chicken (no surprise there) but there were 3, brief panel discussions focused on the idea of getting to know your brother (elected leadership and others) and well as partly a town hall about the fraternity. This was a new concept and made the lunch time fly by.

After the conference concluded, many college football teams of import won their respective games, and many alumni enjoyed a social evening at PGP, Norm Kromberg’s home. During this social, many thousands of dollars were raised for the Leadership Foundation and the wine flowed.

There was also a handout about the new merchandise policy.

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October & November 2017 Events

Several events are coming up that brothers in the Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi can participate in.

Saturday, October 28 is the Fall LEAD School in Omaha, Nebraska.
Tuesday, November 7 is a Founders Day Event with Mu Psi in Ames.
Thursday, November 16 is the monthly happy hour (Taco Hangover Urbandale is the Nov. HH location).

ICYMI: Delta Sigma Pi’s Grand President published a letter earlier this month clarifying some details related to the fraternity’s new merchandise policy.