Taco & Fro-Yo Start Fiscal 2016

The Des Moines – Central Iowa Alumni Chapter held its first event in the new fiscal year (July 2016 – June 2017).
The July happy hour was 7/21 at the relatively new Taco Hangover (formerly Saints) in West Des Moines. An excellent crowd was in attendance and much enjoyment was had by all.

2016-07 HH taco hangover

The evening featured the typical food eating, and lighthearted socialization with several of the regular members and several newbies. Some discussion included upcoming events and current fashion and trends. As the happy hour was winding down it was suggested an encore session take place at the local frozen yogurt shop, so a stop was made. The only question was, “What was tastier? The tacos or the fro-yo?”

2016-07 HH Froyo

Be sure to check out the calendar page for info on the August Happy Hour (Thurs. 8/18) at Twisted Vine Brewery in West Des Moines. And see FB.